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At Stardust Immersive, we're at the forefront of immersive design and innovation, driving transformative experiences and growth opportunities through tailored and innovative approaches. From pioneering new immersive learning spaces to redefining business strategies, we're dedicated to empowering all generations and inspiring behavioral changes through creative product development. With a deep passion for humanity and the desire to shape a healthier world, we envision and craft engaging solutions that captivate audiences and propel businesses forward. Through relentless exploration and visionary thinking, we guide our clients to unlock new possibilities and stand out in a rapidly evolving market landscape.



Innovation Strategy

Guiding businesses in navigating the ever-changing landscape of innovation by identifying and generating unique growth opportunities.


Immersive Design

Conceptualizing and producing immersive experiences for educationnal and entertainment purposes.



Developing engaging products through multisensory storytelling and interdisciplinary narratives that captivate audiences and foster behavioral changes.


At Stardust Immersive, we specialize in leveraging unique business growth opportunities by empowering humans and fostering behavioral changes through immersive spaces. Our approach combines innovation strategies with interdisciplinary product development, ensuring that each project is not only groundbreaking but also resonates with its intended audience.

We believe in the power of collaboration and are dedicated to working closely with our clients to understand their unique challenges and objectives. Originated by Anna Calamari, Stardust Immersive's mission is to generate impactful pathways that captivate audiences and drive success in today's dynamic landscape. 

Join us on this journey of innovation and transformation. Let's explore new possibilities, challenge the status quo, and inspire audiences around the world. Get in touch today, and let's bring your business to the next level.

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Hi, I'm Anna!

Combining a background in aerospace engineering and performing arts with a passion for cognitive psychology, I've dedicated my career to pioneering new pathways for growth for humans and human-centered businesses.  I specialize in immersive learning by pioneering solutions for my clients through innovative strategies, interdisciplinary concepts, unique products, and creative problem-solving. Described as a "creative genius" and a "brilliant mind" by my clients, my strength is identifying unique growth opportunities and generating multisensory concepts from start to finish. What drives me is the endless potential to create innovative products, programs, and immersive experiences that resonate deeply with their audiences and foster positive changes in the world.


Committed to transformation and peacebuilding, I'm deeply invested in educational initiatives, spanning early childhood curriculums and executive development. In 2023, I conceptualized and designed an innovative educational app by identifying gaps in the market and unique customer needs. Currently serving as the Executive Director of Programs at LEAP, an immersive learning center based in New York, I strive to empower children by fostering imagination and independent thinking through multisensory programs and meaningful narratives. Only by changing how we think and see the world can we shape a world anew. 


Over the years, I've consistently upskilled and provided my collaborators with creative solutions and visionary leadership. My diverse skill set has led to collaborations with top executives across multiple industries. Some of my achievements include securing funding for a multimillion-dollar tech company, developing educational programs, conceptualizing artistic experiences, and managing teams in IT, arts, and hospitality.

As a retired opera singer known as Anna Cley, I've graced prestigious stages like Carnegie Hall. Under the pen name Anna Cley, I authored "The Journey of the Heart," an empowering fairytale praised by media personalities and clinical psychologists.

Let's explore opportunities and create positive changes together.

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